Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Disney Colors

I am what they call addicted to Disney. So I thought it would be interesting to take a look at how Disney is exploring the color world. I like how they titled the different colors - for example Orange Blast Buzz.


An interesting look at design and usability

I just posted about the site CSS Zen Garden to a blog for 512, but I wanted to share it here, too. The site offers an html site and invites designers to submit their own CSS designs as a way to demonstrate the capabilities of CSS and inspire designers using it. As you flip through the designs, you start to notice how the aesthetics enhance the experience and affect usability, because the content remains the same.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Things that make you go Wow

Here are some examples of digital art that really did make me go Wow! How about you?

Friday, September 25, 2009

Kadinsky at the Guggenheim

An exhibit of Kandinsky's work opened this month at the Guggenheim in New York. Of course, none of us will probably be able to see it because we're too busy with classes, but maybe during the winter break. Time magazine had an interesting piece about Kandinsky recently. It's not too long, and much easier to read than, say, a chapter of Benkler.

A day in New York

Two weeks ago, I went to New York in order to receive a cargo shipment coming from Canada. I woke up early in the morning. I took my shower and I was set to go. I set up my GPS to get the required directions to LaGuardia airport. Well, the GPS asked me if I want to avoid toll roads, and I didn’t know the meaning of it.Therefore, I chose "yes" to the phrase "avoid toll roads".

I turned my car on and I drove to New York. After two hours of driving, which was very strange, because I went to NY before and it took me one hour and fifteen minutes only to get there, I was very close to reach my destination and began to experience the "worst three hours in my life" part. Apparently, the GPS kept avoiding toll roads and drove me through downtown of New York. Suddenly, in the middle of downtown, the GPS was going creasy and was telling me to go in a cycles in the middle of the downtown. New York downtown was really full of people and traffic and it was the first time for me to drive in a crowded city, such as NY.

I was really terrified and I couldn't get out from there. After three hours of driving in NY downtown without any hope to get out of it, the police caught me crossing traffic light. I got 150$ fine. I was terrified and I asked the police officer of how to get out of this area and he told that going to LaGuardia airport is too hard to describe and I have to get a taxi and follow him. I did exactly what the police officer told me and I got to the airport. I told myself, never come to New York by a car and never choose "avoid toll roads" again.

Photoshop Warning??

Retouched photos in French magazines may soon come with a warning. According to the Daily Telegraph, some politicians are calling for this new law requiring "retouched photograph aimed at changing a person's physical appearance" to have a visible notice of retouching.

They say that the "photos can lead people to believe in a reality that does not actually exist, and have a detrimental effect on adolescents."

The politicians proposing this law want it to cover newspapers and magazines, as well as "billboard photos and those on product packaging, as well as photos used in political campaigns or artistic photos."

Will be interesting to see what happens.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Reality is what we perceive...or is what we perceive, reality?

This week's readings definitely gave me new, enlightened perspective (no pun intended) on illusion and how the human brain interprets visual information. I was amazed at how easily we can be tricked into seeing things that don't really exist just by altering a few parameters or juxtaposing different colors and shapes. Two of my favorite illusions from this site are the rotating face masks and reverspective. I also found this short video a bit of fun as well. Enjoy!

P Squared - Perceive, Perspective

Hello - this is the first time that I have really done a blog. I have tried one before, but oddly enough, thought the lay out for the site was a little find my way around. This will be a good challenge.

Today for work I attended a Women's Conference. It was a great conference and focused on our career paths and where we want to go and how to get there. It was interesting because the topic of how women perceive things is different than men. Just like what we were talking about in class last week, our eyes all see something a little different.

This weekend I had the opportunity to take my Aunt and Uncle (who drove from MN) to various places of CT and NYC. Below is a take on perspective. Enjoy!

Comic Books, Reimagined

Covered, a blog featuring classic comic book covers redrawn and reimagined by contemporary artists, provides an interesting look that the aesthetic decisions made by individuals in this media over the course of several generations. I've never been a big fan of comic books, but I appreciate the illustrations and their effect in bringing the story to life. These new renditions range from fairly close approximations to adding or omitting large portions of the original work. It is intriguing to see what aesthetic choices were made in an attempt to retain the feel of the drawing, while still applying a personal touch.

Award-winning website - Sikorsky.com

I have been working at Sikorsky Aircraft, a helicopter manufacturer based in Stratford CT, since I graduated from QU in Spring 2008 with a degree in English (I had been interning previously).

Although I work for Marketing and Sales at Sikorsky, my desk is conviently located in the Multi-Media Services department, and I actually sit right next to the individual who recently oversaw a complete and total re-haul of our company's website - Sikorsky.com

The previous website was very outdated from a visual design perspective and did not get across the incredible diversity of the products we produce. There was no flash utilized (not that there needs to be to have a good website...or anything...) and the page formatting was very inconsistant (our company logo was all over the place, and on some pages not present at all).

There was also little interaction to be made with the person viewing the site, which is an especially important aspect to have in our business (helicopters should be exciting!)

This new website, which launched in 2008, does a stellar job, in my opinion, of incorporating elements of flash, video, text and sound without being too overbearing and also engaging the customer/viewer immediately by letting them easily select and discover more about whatever particular helicopter model interests them.

Sikorsky.com has won numerous industry awards and has set a benchmark for our competitors to achieve (Eurocopter, Bell, Agusta Westland).

I would love to get some feedback from whoever reads this, which I can then bring to the attention of the site's designer that I sit next to and give him some unbiased feedback.


Monday, September 21, 2009

A Zapper for Pictures

Not that any of us are planning to be paparazzi, but an article about a Russian Billionaire who installed an anti-photo shield on his yacht. Apparently "lasers sweep the surroundings and when they detect a CCD, they fire a bolt of light right at the camera to obliterate any photograph."

I also wanted to take a moment to point to an entry I did on my blog for 501a. I linked to a website featuring "15 Best iPhone Applications for Web Designers." Perhaps someone not in that class might be interested in this list.

Sunday, September 20, 2009


I love how this blog marries illustration and photography with text to tell stories in really beautiful, surprising ways. I especially appreciate her take on visiting Monticello.

Friday, September 18, 2009


Hello everybody,

Welcome to the class blog! Post frequntly, share, browse and comment...
I look forward to see your findigs!