Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Start At Home

Last year I started watching a lot of shows on the HGTV network.  The variety of design topics they cover was fascinating to me and within a few short hours I was hooked.  Naturally, I wanted to see how crafty they could be with their website and I was again pleasantly surprised.  There is a lot of information and many different things going on at once, however, the site does not appear to be too cluttered.  The background color scheme is simple and soothing which is a nice contrast to the multitude of color splashed on the rest of the pages.  Subtly sectioned rows and columns make a great method for organizational purposes and the combination of a few typefaces captures the trendy personality of the network.  I also enjoy the playfulness the site has to offer.  There are several interactive quizzes, puzzles, photos and personal stories that have kept me quite busy.  The function of the site is also positive. They use the tab feature quite a bit and for the most important information the row of buttons at the top stands out in a bold color.  Different sections are easily identifiable and your eye drifts all the way down to the bottom of each page.   Overall I enjoy this site very much. It is a lot of fun even if you don't watch it on TV.


Hi Prof. Callahan!

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Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Hello Professor Callahan-

Thank you for the blog invitation. So far it looks like I am the first one to join the party! See you in class.


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